After Thanksgiving Dinner

On Thanksgiving Day, overindulgence is often part of the holiday ritual. Dr. Ira Mayer, director of gastroenterology at Maimonides Hospital, Brooklyn, shares advice to help aid digestion.

Talking About Racism With the Family

by Dr. Hosffman Ospino

IN A RECENT column, I related the conversation that my wife and I had with our young son about race. We talked about how incisive and damaging stereotypes about Hispanic people are in the Church and society.

Fencing with Bigots

… BEING AN imaginary dialogue between a nominee to a federal appeals court and members of the Committee on the Judiciary of what once imagined itself “the world’s greatest deliberative body”…

Blessed by Sister Ave

Dear Editor: The Brooklyn Diocese has been blessed with the ministry of Sister Ave Clark, O.P., an Amityville Dominican who resides in Bayside and coordinates Heart to Heart Ministry. Presently, Sister Ave gives retreats and spiritual presentations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. She is a pastoral counselor and brings people hope and healing. On her prayer line, she listens and offers people comfort and compassion. Her motto is “Be a Beacon of Hope.”

Leave These ‘CHIPS’ Behind

Get your motor running, spring yourself from a cage out on Highway 9, do whatever it takes to get away from the mind-numbing, motorcycle-bedecked comedy “CHIPS” (Warner Bros.).

Catholics Concerned Over New Immigration Order

Within hours of President Donald Trump’s new executive order March 6 banning refugees from six majority-Muslim nations, Catholic and other religious groups joined secular leaders in questioning the wisdom of such a move, with others vowing to oppose it outright.