Shooting Following Burkina Faso Catholic Mass Leaves Six Dead and Church Destroyed

The Tablet Staff After a peaceful Sunday morning church service in the remote town of Dablo, Burkina Faso, a group of 20 gunmen presumed to be jihadists surrounded the church, and shot and killed six worshippers, including a parish priest. According to an eyewitness account shared with Vatican News, the priest, Father Simeon Yamp, was […]

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Learning About Seder

Dear Editor: What a great experience for Catholic school students! (“Model Seder at Divine Wisdom Academy,” April 20)

Freedom and God

DURING THE LENTEN season I thought often about the mystery of human freedom. I have come to believe that any action performed out of love increases the freedom of the person who does it. For many years I thought that the more difficult an action was the more valuable it was. I now think almost the opposite: an action can be difficult for one person because he or she has not grown in freedom and holiness; for another person the same action may be relatively easy because the individual has grown into a deeper holiness.