TIMOTHY MCCOMB — Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy

Timothy McComb wants to be a YouTube influencer when he grows up. He certainly proved his ability to influence when he sold 23 subscriptions to The Tablet, a feat that earned him second place in the fundraiser. 

Timothy, a second grader at Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy, admitted that selling the subscriptions wasn’t an easy task. “It was hard,” he said. However, he managed to do it and earned a $2,000 prize. 

He knows exactly what he plans to do with the prize money. “I want to give it to people in need,” he said. 

Aside from his success in the fundraiser, Timothy likes being a student at Holy Child Jesus. “They have gym. They have recess. You can do fun stuff,” he said. 

Timothy’s favorite subjects are math and English language arts. Outside of school, he enjoys playing soccer and watching “Henry Danger” on television. 

If he gets the chance to be an influencer, he would make videos where he talks about video games. 

Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy is a tradition in the McComb family. Timothy’s dad, William McComb, is a graduate of the school and his older brother Bryan is an eighth grade student there. 

“We’re very proud of him,” William McComb said of Timothy. “We’re big believers in supporting the school. It’s a great school. And this fundraiser helps the school,” he said. 

The McComb family members are big fans of The Tablet. “We believe very strongly in supporting Catholic media. We subscribe to The Tablet and read it every week,” William McComb explained.