Letters to the Editor

Bright Christmas Thanks

Dear Editor: On behalf of our parish St. Francis of Assisi-St. Blaise Religious Education Program, we want to express our appreciation to The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Campaign’s generosity in support of our annual Christmas party for the past four years. Your commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to have fun and a beautiful family party.

We want everyone who donated to know that your assistance means so much to us but more to every family that came to our program and the catechists.

Thank you to The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Campaign for making every effort each year to raise the funds and also thank you to all who contribute to the campaign.


Director of Faith Formation

St. Francis of Assisi-St. Blaise

Crown Heights


Dear Editor: Thank you very much for your generous donation from the Bright Christmas Campaign.

May God bless you and your readers. The children certainly enjoyed their Christmas Breakfast. This year we are celebrating in two parts: Christmas as usual and also the Epiphany and the Presentation of the Lord.

Thank you again on behalf of all my students and their families.


Director of Religious Education

St. Rita’s, Long Island City