It’s Time for the 2019 Bright Christmas Campaign

We are still two weeks away from the beginning of Advent, but the psalm we will hear this Sunday at Mass is like an announcement of Christmas: “Sing praise to the Lord with the harp, with the harp and melodious song. With trumpets and the sound of the horn sing joyfully before the King, the Lord. The Lord comes to rule the earth with justice.” The most beautiful time of the year is approaching.

Bright Christmas Campaign: Thank you!

Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges, one of Pope Francis’ favorite authors, used to say that as a kid, he felt embarrassed on his birthday. He didn’t think he deserved all those presents his parents and friends gave him on those days.

Final Call to Make This A Bright Christmas

This week, we’ve been extra busy trying to send Bright Christmas checks to parishes and programs that help the needy of Brooklyn and Queens celebrate Christmas.

Whoever Has Two Cloaks

Requests for funds from The Tablet’s Bright Christmas campaign are arriving every day. Those letters make clear the reason why we do this every year.

Making Room ‘At the Inn’ of Our Hearts for Others

The ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ slogan reminds us that sometimes the commercial side of the season could leave Jesus ‘no room at the inn’ of our lives. Caring for others during this joyful season could be a very good way to ‘Keep Christ in Christmas.’

Help Us Make This a Bright Christmas For All

For the past 33 years, I had the privilege of coordinating The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Campaign. The drive is very simple: We ask readers to donate money that will be used to buy Christmas gifts for children who might not otherwise receive a gift at Christmas.

Bright Christmas Thanks

Dear Editor: I am writing once again to thank you for your gift to Families, Fathers, and Children, the prison ministry program operating out of St. Augustine parish, Park Slope. Because of your continued support and generosity, this program is able to provide much needed care and support to families, especially children who have fathers in prison.

Bright Christmas Thanks

Dear Editor: It was “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and wonderful it was at our 12th annual Operation Christmas Smiles event on Dec. 16 at St. Mary, Mother of Jesus parish.

Bright Christmas Thanks

Dear Editor: I would like to thank you and the kind and generous readers of The Tablet for their donations to the Bright Christmas Fund.