Bright Christmas Campaign: $1 Million in Eight Years

Thank you! It is the most beautiful phrase in English — or in any language for that matter. Thank you so much to all our readers who have supported The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Campaign throughout the years and especially this past Christmas season.

Last Call for the Bright Christmas Campaign

It is a privilege to write a column each week for this newspaper, but it is a challenge, too. The first rule is not to repeat yourself. It is a tough rule — we, humans, really don’t have much to say. It is hard to be original 50 times a year. On the other hand, sometimes I am happy to repeat myself.

Bright Christmas Fund Boosts Youth Ministry in the Diocese

The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Fund has made the Christmas season a little more cheerful for Lauren Barriteau, 16, a parishioner of St. Clare Catholic Church, Rosedale, and a member of the parish’s youth ministry group.

Bright Christmas Fund a Big Boost for Providence House

The difference that The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Fund makes is evident at Providence House, a shelter in Bedford-Stuyvesant for homeless women and children and for women on parole from prison.

Bright Christmas Campaign Enters the Digital Age

There are plenty of reasons to contribute to our Bright Christmas Campaign — more on that later — and now you have a new way to make your donation, thanks to our digital department.

A Bright Christmas: Sharing Is The Best Way to Give Thanks

This past Thursday, we celebrated one of the most beautiful holidays on the calendar. It is a day dedicated to giving thanks for the blessings and graces we have received in the preceding year. Gratitude is indeed the highest form of courtesy.

It’s Time for the 2019 Bright Christmas Campaign

We are still two weeks away from the beginning of Advent, but the psalm we will hear this Sunday at Mass is like an announcement of Christmas: “Sing praise to the Lord with the harp, with the harp and melodious song. With trumpets and the sound of the horn sing joyfully before the King, the Lord. The Lord comes to rule the earth with justice.” The most beautiful time of the year is approaching.

Bright Christmas Campaign: Thank you!

Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges, one of Pope Francis’ favorite authors, used to say that as a kid, he felt embarrassed on his birthday. He didn’t think he deserved all those presents his parents and friends gave him on those days.

Final Call to Make This A Bright Christmas

This week, we’ve been extra busy trying to send Bright Christmas checks to parishes and programs that help the needy of Brooklyn and Queens celebrate Christmas.

Whoever Has Two Cloaks

Requests for funds from The Tablet’s Bright Christmas campaign are arriving every day. Those letters make clear the reason why we do this every year.