Bright Christmas Thanks

Dear Editor: I am writing once again to thank you for your gift to Families, Fathers, and Children, the prison ministry program operating out of St. Augustine parish, Park Slope. Because of your continued support and generosity, this program is able to provide much needed care and support to families, especially children who have fathers in prison.

Bright Christmas Thanks

Dear Editor: It was “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and wonderful it was at our 12th annual Operation Christmas Smiles event on Dec. 16 at St. Mary, Mother of Jesus parish.

Bright Christmas Thanks

Dear Editor: I would like to thank you and the kind and generous readers of The Tablet for their donations to the Bright Christmas Fund.

Bright Christmas Thanks

Dear Editor: Thank you and please thank your readers for their very generous gift to brighten the lives of many young ones and their families this Christmas.

Reaching Out Provides Bright Christmas for Kids

Reaching Out Community Services presented its 12th annual Operation Christmas Smiles Spectacular Events Dec. 16 at St. Mary, Mother of Jesus Church, Bensonhurst. It is one of many parish and community groups helped at Christmas by The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Campaign.

Final Push to Make Up Shortfall in Christmas Drive

As the last-minute push toward Christmas dwindles down to a precious few days, we’re trying to get our Bright Christmas checks out to the parishes and agencies that help the needy of Brooklyn and Queens at Christmas.

Requests for Bright Christmas Donations Still Coming In

So many of our neighbors are living on the edge, from paycheck to paycheck, if there is one. We would never think it unless we heard these stories from the helpers on the frontlines. They are the people that your donation to Bright Christmas helps.

There’s Plenty to Do While We Wait

The preparation time of Advent is a time of longing and expectation. It is a time when we should give ourselves a little extra time for prayer and meditation. Those times may be the fitful times when we wait in different circumstances, times when we would rather not wait.

Bright Christmas Donation Is Gift That Keeps on Giving

Last week, I invited those parishes and diocesan agencies that need help this Christmas to apply here for a Bright Christmas grant. For more than 50 years, The Tablet’s readers have been donating to our Bright Christmas Campaign that assures that no child goes without a gift this Christmas.