Letters to the Editor

Bright Christmas Thanks

Dear Editor: Thank you and please thank your readers for their very generous gift to brighten the lives of many young ones and their families this Christmas.

Through the generosity of The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Campaign, you were able to feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty who would not have enough food on their tables. You clothed the naked, especially the babies with pampers and the toddlers with new Christmas clothes and boots. You brightened and amazed the eyes of the young ones with toys that delighted and challenged them. You helped pay the rent so that some families would not be homeless this Christmas. You powered the lights on a Christmas tree that was facing a disconnect from Con Edison because the family could not pay this bill.

You welcomed the strangers and their children who would not have had a reason to rejoice this Christmas.

I am sure that Jesus, our Infant Saviour, would say to you and your readers: “Thank you for reaching out to me this Christmas and making it brighter for me because what you have done for them, you have done for me.”

You and your readers and your families were remembered at the altar as I was privileged to offer Mass on Christmas.


Cobble Hill

Editor’s Note: Msgr. Nugent is the pastor of St. Agnes and St. Paul’s parish in Cobble Hill.