Letters to the Editor

Bravo, Papa!

Dear Editor: It was refreshing, and reassuring, to read in this week’s Tablet of our Holy Father’s reaction to the recent charges leveled against him by Archbishop Vigano.

The situation in the Church could have degenerated into the same “tribal” side-taking which is pulling our country apart right now, but Pope Francis – who does have his own @Pontifex Twitter account – has thankfully kept his thumbs off the insult buttons, choosing instead to continue his usual inspirational messages of hope and peace.

Even when directly questioned by the press, whom he has not called “enemies of the Church,” about the Archbishop’s accusations enroute back from Ireland, he merely told the reporters to study the Archbishop’s message carefully, and then to come to their own conclusions.

Bravo, Papa!

We should all follow your example and not get carried away with the usual finger-pointing at whomever we may think is at fault in this situation; the Church has weathered even Martin Luther’s split, and Henry VIII’s need for a forbidden divorce.

As bad as things may seem now, we should remember that Christ has said, “I am with you always, even to the end of time.”