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We Share in a Rich History

Dear Editor: Thank you, Ms. Powell (Why Am I Still A Catholic?, The Tablet, Sep. 19). Your rhetoric on this subject is excellent. As members of the Church, the laity have the same potential as clergy to live the Gospel and be a light for others. We need not think of ourselves as holy in the sight of God, but if we strive to practice living the Beatitudes and Commandments, including loving our neighbor as ourselves and maintaining a humble and honest life we can continue to deepen our faith and enjoy a deep connection with the Triune God while experiencing true spiritual joy.

Sinfulness on the part of other Catholics, including clergy, must never be an excuse to leave the Catholic faith. Catholics share in a rich history of mysticism and sanctity; in fact, compared with any other Christian faith, only select members (both clergy and laity) of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox rites have been able to experience the Stigmata (the wounds and resulting pain that Christ endured for our salvation).


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