Blessing for Woodhaven Parish

by Antonina Zielinska

Retired Bishop Thomas V. Daily blesses the new statue of St. Thomas at St.Thomas Apostle Church, Woodhaven. Assisting are Father Frank Tumino, pastor, and Deacon Marco Lopez, the bishop’s secretary.

Retired Bishop Thomas V. Daily blessed the newly erected statue of the patron saint of St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Woodhaven, on Saturday, April 14, in the presence of the parish community.

Bishop Daily said he was impressed with the generosity of the parishioners who donated to the parish’s centennial capital campaign, whose funds were in part used to buy the 1,500-pound marble statue made in Hunan, China.

“You have become of St. Thomas’ apostles just as St. Thomas was an apostle of Jesus,” he told the congregation.  “You are part of the family!”

Father Frank Tumino, pastor, thanked the bishop for the blessing and reassured him that he remains an important part of the parish.

“When I look upon the statue of St. Thomas, I will think of the other Thomas here with us,” the pastor said.

The state depicts the saint holding a book representing his apostolic function and outstretching his finger in a pose representing his desire to touch Jesus’ wounds.

The statue stands in the parish’s outdoor centennial walk, which was also made possible by the capital campaign.

Four hundred families pledged $1.2 million to the fund. The parish has made every dollar of it count. Father Tumino said $500,000 of the fund was used to pay for repairs in the gymnasium. The rest went for a new church roof, the centennial walk, and renovations to the interior of church.