Parents Recall Their Daughter’s Vision

Kaitlyn Bernhardt’s parents, Jennifer and Robert, and her grandmother, Frances Fallon, all say that the girl seemed to be connected to heaven in a special way.

Kaitlyn’s Example Shines in India

The people who knew Kaitlyn Rose Bernhardt said she lived her life in a manner of saintly example, and Msgr. Joseph Grimaldi, vicar of the Diocese of Brooklyn and pastor of St. Bernard, Mill Basin, Kaitlyn’s home parish, said the girl’s spirituality and influence spread past her circle of family and friends.

Students from St. Andrew Avellino Get Their Art On

Young artists from St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy dazzled members of their community with whimsical displays and extraordinary works of art during their annual art show June 1 at the school in Flushing.

Grace and Mom’s Prayers Led Father Angucho to Right Path

Father Pedro Francisco Angucho López, 31, said it was the grace of God and his mother’s prayers that finally got him to realize the importance of his vocation. Also, people, even total strangers, kept telling him that he was meant to be a priest.

Father Falce’s Calling Started Early On

Father Michael Francis Falce, who will turn 27 on the day he will offer his first Mass of thanksgiving, has had a pretty good idea about what he wanted to do with his life from an early age.

Father Obiaeri’s Winding Road From Nigeria to Brooklyn Priesthood

Obiaeri grew up in Nigeria in a region that is 70 percent Catholic. His whole family is Catholic. He extended that family to his parish where he spent most of his free time. He didn’t play that much soccer with the other kids; he was helping in the church and was part of various groups.

For Father Ortiz, Life of Service Continues

Father Edwin Alexander Ortiz, 35, has spent most of his life in service. He served at his parish and a cemetery in Queens, as a U.S. Marines medic in Japan and in the U.S. Navy in Washington, D.C.