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Birthright Citizenship

Dear Editor: Hooray for President Trump for reading all the words in the 14th Amendment (President Trump Plans to End Birthright Citizenship, The Tablet, Nov. 3).

We have women coming here on tourist visas which they obtained by swearing that they were not pregnant for the sole purpose of gifting their baby with American citizenship. Ridiculous!


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Dear Editor: This is a scary moment in the history of the American people when we have a leader who wishes to cancel out human birthrights to people born in America.

This will be viciously challenged and should not proceed without the full vote if the U.S Congress that represents the voice of the American people. The voice of the people is what our Constitution represents in our democracy. Is our President representing our democracy?


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One thought on “Birthright Citizenship

  1. Ms. James, why would you say something so absurd and be so hysterically worried? The President, who is a person too, has a right to an opinion about how the Fourteenth Amendment has been interpreted and misinterpreted over history, and all he did was to express a policy opinion. Whether it materializes into an initiative to amend or merely to seek legislative clarification is all he proposed to consider.