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The Price of Immigration

Dear Editor: Michael Bobrow’s letter in the Oct. 27 Tablet (Traditional Pro-Life Judaism) and in the Nov. 3 issue, The Editor’s Space, As the Tablet Sees It and the letters from Deacon Arthur Griffin (The Crime of Abortion) and Tom Hackert (Politics and Due Process), when read together, provide an interesting commentary on the Catholic Church and how it views (or, more importantly, how it should view) certain critical issues.

Concerning immigration (As The Tablet Sees It) the question of national security should be front and center and not ignored or, as several prelates intemperately said, immigration can never play a subordinate role to security. I pray that the Church will keep this in mind and not go down the path similar to its opposition to the death penalty. As we all know, the Church’s championing the “rights” of the convicted murderers is always front and center while it almost completely ignores the never ending heartbreak and pain of the families and friends of the victims.

Furthermore, as any visitor to Rome knows, unless there has been a change, there is a wall around Vatican City that prevents anyone from entering the city proper except through St. Ann’s gate with the presentation of acceptable ID to the Swiss Guards. Perhaps the Church should dismantle its security procedures before it criticizes ours.

A second very important consideration are the social services that have to be provided to immigrants: shelter, education, health care, food stamps, etc. Putting aside the answer to the question as to where the money for all of these services will come from, more importantly, who will coordinate and provide them?

In the Editor’s Space (Midterm Elections, The Tablet, Nov. 3), you cavalierly state that Mr. Trump’s presidency has been a continuation of the polarizing process and that his rhetoric and some of his policies are “often-incendiary”. What could have been more incendiary than the way Justice Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court was received by the Democrats?

From the very beginning, Senator Schumer said that they had to do everything in their power to defeat him. At the first hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the protesters (all guests of committee members) were so verbally violent that Mrs. Kavanaugh had to leave with their two children since she feared for their safety.

Finally, what could be more incendiary than the leadership of the politically correct refusing to accept the election of President Trump and just waiting for the Democrats to win control of the House so that they can impeach both him and Justice Kavanaugh?



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