Letters to the Editor

Biblical Theology of Textual Dissection for Seminarians

Dear Editor: Despite some disagreements with opinions of George Weigel, I was heartened by his column on seminarians (“In Praise of Today’s Seminarians, Aug. 31). Still, I am puzzled by his recommendation that “Biblical studies [at seminaries] must focus on biblical theology far more than textual dissection.” What, exactly, does this mean?

It has the earmarks of the old dispute between Scripture and Tradition, which has defied resolution since at least 33 A.D. The result of the insistence on biblical theology (sola scriptura) by Luther and his ever-dividing disciples has been fundamentalism, often employed, in practice if not in theory, in the service of anti-Catholicism.

I hope that Mr. Weigel will expand on these issues in future columns. His efforts are always thought-provoking, agree or disagree.

Edward R. Dorney

Park Slope