Letters to the Editor

An Apalling Attack Against a Senior Citizen

Dear Editor: A group of teens walked up to an elderly woman and beat and robbed her. This took place at 169th street, near Highland Avenue in Jamaica on August 4th. She was 67 years old and was beaten with her own cane and was robbed of her cellphone.

I find this attack on one of our senior citizens —something which has happened to many of our seniors lately — to be most appalling. Our elderly and handicapped are most vulnerable to these horrendous attacks.

These young people should realize our elderly could be their mothers or fathers who can’t protect themselves. I’m a senior citizen myself and sometimes worry when I see young people walking toward me who are loud and unruly.

It is a sad situation when our elderly who have worked hard all their lives and expect nothing less than to be respected can’t go about their activities in safety. Too bad there are a few young teenagers who don’t care.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Glen Oaks Village