Back to School 2014 – Teaching with Love at St. Bernard School

St. Bernard School, Mill Basin, seeks to provide a quality Catholic education for its children. The school educates the whole child through programs forming the spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological and physical development of its students.

Through the religious education program, the school strives to develop a well-rounded Catholic personality, which will be reflected by respect toward self and others as exemplified by Jesus in the Gospels.

Through its educational programs, the school strives to develop global citizens. It educates its students to be productive citizens, capable of contributing to the well-being of mankind.

In cooperation with families, the faculty and staff work to assist the child in developing a value system by which to judge the use of knowledge and skills. The rules and disciplines that are incorporated are necessary for preservation of an atmosphere conducive to learning. In this way, students learn to be responsible and accountable.

St. Bernard’s has been educating the children of Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, Georgetown and the surrounding communities since 1964. It offers intensive studies in all major curriculum areas: religion, ELA, math, social studies and science. The school begins with the basics in the junior pre-k program and continues throughout the grades with its enriching curriculum.

All N.Y.S., N.Y.C. and Diocese of Brooklyn learning standards are followed. The N.Y.S. and standardized test scores reflect the success of its programs. In addition to the major subject areas, all students receive weekly instruction in Spanish, art, music, technology and physical education. Students have weekly instruction in the science lab, library and technology lab. Eighth graders also have the ability to participate in Math 9 and Earth Science Regents classes.

Twenty clubs are available for participation both during the school day and after school.

Each child is treated as an individual, and all academic needs are met. The school motto is, “We Teach With Love.” That is a promise the faculty makes to every child and every parent.

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