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Around the School Bell: St. Agnes Academic HS Celebrates 110 Years With Enthusiasm and Pride

Principal Susan Nicoletti, left, and Assistant Principal Kathleen Gaughan, far right, gathered with some students around a birthday cake dedicated to St. Agnes H.S.’s 110th anniversary. (Photo: Juliana Estevez)

By Juliana Estevez

Founded in 1908 by the Sisters of St. Dominic, St. Agnes Academic H.S., College Point, has thrived in creating a nurturing, scholarly environment for its students.

This year, St. Agnes is celebrating 110 vibrant years of Catholic education and academic excellence. In honor of this occasion, St. Agnes students had a grand celebration in which they were able to reflect on their school’s growth through prayer and fun!

To formally commemorate this momentous milestone, St. Agnes faculty and administration prepared an eventful day for the St. Agnes family. Thursday, April 19 was reserved for a day bountiful in prayer, song, reminiscence and festivity.

The day began with a prayer service given by Msgr. [Denis] Herron of St. Fidelis Church. The liturgy was filled with prayer through song as students took part in the singing of uplifting worship songs.

In addition to the Mass, Mrs. Susan Nicoletti, principal of St. Agnes, delivered a speech that encouraged students to imagine what life was like for the past generations of St. Agnes alumni.

The remembrance of the ever-growing and evolving generations of St. Agnes was certainly a significant highlight of the event. Mrs. Nicoletti shared, “today we celebrate all of the students who have graced our hallways in the past, present and those of the future.”

It was incredibly heartwarming when teacher Mrs. Nemeth had her baby girl dressed in a St. Agnes sports jersey. This endearing moment was one that truly displayed the unity and love present amongst the St. Agnes community.

St Agnes 110th
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Mrs. Nicoletti also emphasized how, although changing years prompt new introductions, St. Agnes’ roots of Dominican tradition remain the same. This signifies that St. Agnes continues to cherish the gifts of prayer, study, community and service as its students become socially aware and academically successful.

To further honor St. Agnes’ origins, the celebration included the faculty blessing the students with the revered Dominican blessing.

The event continued with great celebration and enjoyment. The students of St. Agnes were treated to a bagel breakfast and were later ushered into the gymnasium to enjoy a lively game of radio bingo. This involved a good deal of dancing, singing and laughter.

Senior Kristina Viskup said, “it was so refreshing to see the community bonding and connecting over the pride we have for our school.”

This statement could not be more accurate. Msgr. Herron shared that the enthusiasm of the St. Agnes community is truly evident. It was this passion that contributed to the superb celebration and allows us to look forward to another 110 years of Catholic education in the Dominican tradition.

We cannot wait to watch as St. Agnes celebrates many more prosperous years to come. It is without a doubt that the future looks bright at St. Agnes Academic High School.