High School Supplement 2017

Fontbonne Hall Academy

Cutting-Edge Programs Strengthen Tradition of Excellence

As Fontbonne Hall Academy celebrates its 80th anniversary in Bay Ridge, high-tech campus enhancements and cutting-edge programs strengthen its tradition of preparing young women to be leaders of tomorrow. In September, the school welcomed members of the Class of 2021 and is more committed than ever to providing its students with the best forward-moving curriculum.

Fontbonne was proud to open the 2017 school year with a new fabrication lab to enhance the school’s curriculum across several subjects. The project-based, integrated education program focuses on digital design, digital fabrication and robotics.

Students will learn by designing and creating objects, and will be connected to a global community of learners, educators, technologists and innovators. Fabrication lab stations include a 3D printer, laser cutters and engravers, vinyl cutting, video conferencing, drones and other exciting options. The school also replaced all SMART Boards with Triumph 65-inch interactive panels that teachers and students can utilize for lessons and presentations. Glassboards have replaced blackboards and whiteboards in the classrooms.

Other examples of 21st-century learning include a rigorous STEM program that aims to close the gender gap in STEM careers; an award-winning visual arts program; a religion department that explores Catholic identity while inviting each student to examine her own relationship with God; an English department that provides the tools for effective written and oral communications in a rapidly changing digital world; a social studies department that offers a historical perspective on the cultural, social and political issues that affect women today; a world language department that provides opportunities to understand and appreciate different cultures; and a wide variety of athletic teams and student activities that develop students’ leadership and collaboration skills.

Enriched by a diversity of persons and gifts in the school community, Fontbonne develops young women to become global citizens who live and work among people of all faiths and cultures.


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