Our Youth

Annual Art Show Highlights Creativity in Fresh Meadows

By Kaisia Menzies

St.Francis-art-sculptureOn May 9, the art department of St. Francis Prep, Fresh Meadows, held its annual spring art show; the theme this year was: “We’ll always have Paris.” The exhibition floor was designed with Parisian-inspired decorations and cafe. The floor had pastel and charcoal drawings, paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

Artwork lined the art department floor from top to bottom in the hallways and all of the classrooms, showing off the talented work of the St. Francis Prep art students. The St. Francis Prep Chamber Orchestra performed on the rooftop while visitors walked through the gallery.

St.Francis-art-eyesAfter a few hours, everyone was invited down to the Brother Ralph Clifford Memorial Auditorium to enjoy a slideshow of all the things that the department had done this year – college trips, visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the painting trip to the botanical gardens and more. Then, the video presentation had films, and 3D and 2D animation from the junior and senior classes.

The student films were done by Anthony Biondolillo’s film class; the 3D animations were done by Marc Salmin’s Advanced Digital Design class and featured airships and planes shooting through the skies and galaxy. The 2D-animation shorts were done by Biondolillo’s animation class, and featured their walk cycles, transformations and student film.

The show had a great turnout; many students, parents, and relatives came out to support the art department and the members of the National Art Honor Society. Students who went to the show said, “it was awesome” and that “it was a night to remember.”

Menzies is a senior at St. Francis Prep, Fresh Meadows.