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Action vs. Indecent TV

Dear Editor: I praise letter writer Thomas G. Straczynski for his extraordinarily well-written description (April 21) of what has become of the entertainment industry, particularly Fox’s show “The Mick.” This show has been an abomination and a ghastly attack on our country’s Christian beliefs, and its morality and code for civilized behavior. The show has been exploitive of the child actors it pays, as well as condoning the horrific language and behavior of the cast characters used against one another.

His article brings to mind the scene from “Network,” where Peter Finch tells viewers “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore,” and urges viewers to scream this out their windows.

As a teacher, parent, and a Catholic, I believe that our Catholic community is being called to fight this insane tide of immorality that is being spewed out by producers who are not in touch with the American people’s values and beliefs.

What can we do about it? We can pray.

We can raise enough commotion and noise to stop the disrespect in our culture. We can find others who feel as we do. The Parents Television Council Program Manager Melissa Henson recently said: ”But time is up for the entertainment industry to put a stop to graphic, explicit and age-inappropriate content to our children.”

Take a look at the Parents Television Council website. In the Take Action section, you can find out how to contact the networks. Write letters, email or call. Their addresses and phone numbers are available there.

Find out how to make a complaint to the FCC and how to contact the sponsors with names and phone numbers on the website. The commercial sponsors need to understand that you will not purchase their products until they stop supporting shows that are against family and Christian values.

Find the information needed to give others at a parent, senior or church meeting. You will find talking points for giving seminars on indecency on TV.

You can contribute to the Parents Television Council and receive its newsletter.

You can share this message with your friends and community. Don’t be quiet. We need to raise our voices loudly.

Let us take a stand. Our children and grandchildren are counting on us.



One thought on “Action vs. Indecent TV

  1. Thanks once again for the kind words.
    PTC very informative. Will continue to consult.
    Tom Straczynski

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