Our Youth

Academics, Business and Charity

As part of a rigorous college marketing course a St. John’s University, students from St. Edmund Prep, Homecrest, contributed to their society while learning about the business world.

As part of a course in collaboration with St. John’s University, students from St. Edmund Prep worked with Habitat for Humanity in Newark, N.J. They helped reframe windows, worked with cement and participated in the demolition of the basement of a building.

Part of the course offers students the opportunity to realize their own business venture. They present their idea to their school’s Board of Stakeholders, which either finances the start up or rejects the proposal.

This year, the board accepted and invested in two student companies. The first was a St. Edmund hoodie company. The second was a T-shirt and sweat pants company with the school’s logo.

Both companies sold out of all units, were able to repay their loan and maximized their profits for their charity. In total, the companies donated more than $1,000 to SS. Joachim and Anne Nursing Home and more than $2,000 to Habitat for Humanity. They donated the remainder of their profits to their school’s fund in memory of Jose Rodriguez.

Aside from academics and business deals, the St. John’s course required students to demonstrate altruism. Among the ways in which they fulfilled this requirement was to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

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