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A Cyberspace Battle Saves A Life

Dear Editor: Very recently I witnessed a battle in the ongoing spiritual warfare being fought at an abortion mill, by way of iPhone text messaging and sidewalk praying. It seemed like a lost cause. In this particular life-and-death struggle it seemed almost certain that the unborn baby at the center of the action, like so many others, would lose its life within a couple of hours. But Don, an avid pro-lifer for many years, saw there was a real chance to save this one.

Don witnessed an expectant father desperate to prevent the abortion from happening. But the expectant mother appeared to be absolutely determined to end the baby’s life, repeating the oft-quoted mantra: “It’s my body!” as the distraught man was insisting, “It’s also my baby.”

When Don encountered this couple as they were entering the abortion mill, he handed the couple a brochure which contained information on where to find help if they would decide to keep the child safe through birth and afterwards, too. Shortly, the couple moved forward, disappearing into the bowels of the abortion mill. Don had written his name and cell phone number on the brochure.

Before long, Don got a text message on his cellphone. It was the father
of the unborn baby who was looking desperately for help to save his child. For probably a good hour or so the messages were flying back and forth in cyberspace between that expectant father and Don. Don kept firing off one-liners on his phone, supplying the distraught man with spiritual support and suggested ideas of what to say to the resistant woman. The potential father desperately kept replying that he was helpless; she was determined to go through with it. “She’s already in the examination room.” The baby was already 18 weeks in development.

The father was in tears as he was at a loss for what to do, when finally, after it seemed the battle was lost, the couple was seen to burst out hurriedly through the front doors of the building and head quickly down the street, the baby still intact in its mother’s womb, apparently heading home. Don’s phone then received one more message from the expectant father: “I convinced her.” He would be in touch with Don to express his gratitude. The unborn child was retrieved from the very maws of a horrible death.

Sidewalk counseling and witnessing is a last resort effort and rather rarely enjoys such success. But wonderful victories do happen, more than we know, and when the pro-lifers see them happen, the group is reassured that all the time and effort is decidedly well worth it.

Father Robert Czok

Rockaway Beach

Editor’s note: Father Czok is a senior priest residing at St. Rose of Lima, Rockaway Beach, NY.

2 thoughts on “A Cyberspace Battle Saves A Life

  1. Wow thank you for publishing this story. I am don in story and it’s great to see it as there are many many like this experienced and I am great full to God I am able to help save lives Many brave women who were in very difficult situations have listened and walked away and chose life and are very happy they did and have beautiful children and the moms have had many great things happen to them since choosing life as God watches over them I can attest to it I have witnessed that part also. May God be glorified by every life saved and bless these great women!!!

  2. I just read your wonderful article . I have known Don for many years. He is very devoted to all the people he encounters. In this struggle for life he brings a big smile and assurance to those he meets in the monument of distress. He works together with God and has more baby saves than you could ever imagine. The real story is what he does with the moms and babies after. That is a beautiful second part and f this story. Don has been asked to be and is the God Father of many a child he has rescued with the help of our Lord and Savior. Don does it with the best smile and laugh. He brings the moms and babies to the zoo, ball games and crafts to make Christmas ornaments. If needed he finds them an apartment or a job. He always laughs at how our Lord opens doors for him to accomplish the impossible.
    Don shows these distraught men and women how good and joyful life is if you just have a little faith and hope and he brings that to the table every day.
    May God continue to Bless you.
    Your friend Lou