Letters to the Editor

A Complicated Civil War

Dear Editor: I read the Tablet from front to back each week and enjoy being current with all things Catholic.

However, in the aftermath of the terrible violence in Charlottesville, Va., I feel I must take pen to paper and put my view of things, however, trite, uneducated or “un-correct” it may be.

I may have missed some very “obscure” nuggets of un-bias, but I didn’t read one opinion from our Catholic leaders, cardinals, or bishops (the very people we should look up to) where a balance of ‘blame’ or ‘sympathy’ was expressed. Not one of them suggested that, maybe, the unpopular people who believe white lives matter too, that the beautiful monuments of our past (a past that made our country grow into a great nation) had any right to be championed! There was not one of them unafraid to express fairness to all! Maybe they might be perceived unpopular to their readership and laity? So sorry to say, but they all dropped the ball. Shame on them!

Those who gave their lives in that Civil War were fighting for a way of life they were brought up in, for a cause they believed in. In the end, they were proved wrong. Does their sacrifice then mean nothing to us down the ages, simply because we don’t follow that way of life anymore? Are we to cast them into hell or oblivion? God help us all when we cannot even acknowledge that they acted for the common good? Can one radical or extreme group force their thoughts and ideas upon the whole? Can we not live peacefully in our own satisfaction of fairness to all – and hate the idea of slavery, which, by the way, is over and done with?

The mainstream media, in my opinion, are a worthless bunch, at the least, in reporting unbiased news, and downright evil at worst! Overpaid, self important, puffed up blowhards. The government officials in Charlottesville and the police department seem to be of one anti-Trump, anti-civility mind. They disgust me.

Some of us don’t want to ‘blot out’ our past. We cannot hear the quiet voice of Our Lord amidst all the violence.




Dear Editor: The condemnation of racism is right and just. Under no circumstances must racism be the least bit tolerated.

The Civil War was not simply a battle over slavery. If one studies the cause of the Civil War, it was a battle between the industrialized North against an agrarian South.The abolition of slavery was only one factor in this battle. Ending slavery would be a serious blow to the Southern economy.

My problem with your coverage is that it does not condemn the violent bigotry of the Left represented by Antifas and like groups. Throughout history, leftists have caused the Church great harm, killing thousands of clergy and laity.

As Catholics, we must condemn all radical groups that display hatred, bigotry and violence.