Sacrament of Mercy

We’re still waiting on the concrete plans for the Holy Year of Mercy, which will be a Jubilee Year, announced by Pope Francis. We know that a papal bull will be proclaimed by the pope on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 12, and that the year will officially begin with the opening of the Holy Door […]

A Year of Mercy

Pope Francis caught the world by surprise by announcing a new Holy Year, a Year of Mercy. More than just a special year dedicated to a theme, this would be a Jubilee Year. The details of the year have not yet been fully released, but under the guidance of the Pontifical Council for the New […]

A Short Papacy?

Last week, we celebrated two years in the Petrine office for Pope Francis and as is his way, he gave an interview to a television network, Televisa. In the course of the interview, the Holy Father stated: “I have the feeling that my pontificate will be brief… four or five years. I don’t know, even […]

Thank You, Your Eminence

The entire New York community mourns the death of His Eminence, Cardinal Edward Egan, archbishop-emeritus of New York. The cardinal was a brilliant canon lawyer, astute organizer and a natural-born leader. From his early days in Chicago, to his work in Rome (most especially his integral role in the formulation of the 1983 Code of […]

50 Years in the Vernacular

Last weekend, at the Roman church of Ognissanti (All Saints – the titular church of German theologian Cardinal Walter Kasper), Pope Francis commemorated the 50th anniversary of the first time a pope celebrated Mass in the vernacular language (in this case, Italian).

A Growing Threat

More and more, the media are waking up to the harsh reality that the Islamic State is a clear danger to all people in the Western world, and to Christians in particular. Following the beheading of the 21 martyrs of the Coptic Church came the news that these terrorists had abducted over 220 Assyrian Christians.

Modern Martyrdom

The militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) released a video entitled “A Message Signed in Blood to the Nation of the Cross” in which they released a warning saying they were “south of Rome.” They then proceeded to murder, by beheading 21 Coptic Christian men. These Christian men were seen, on the video calling on the Holy Name of Jesus as they were savagely murdered.

Let’s Not Play God

Last December, State Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan) introduced a “Death With Dignity Act” which would make New York the fifth state in the country to allow physician-assisted suicide. This bill is gaining support from other politicians in our area as well. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, along with the Bishops of the New York State, and the […]

Really?, Mr. President!

Last week, President Obama at the Presidential Prayer Breakfast said that Islam as a religion cannot be blamed for the terror perpetrated by ISIL. In his talk, he claimed that Christianity has a checkered past of committing violence in the name of religion.

Understanding the Pope

It has been suggested that Catholic newspapers spend too much time interpreting the words of the Holy Father, explaining away his thought so that it coincides more with traditional Catholic teaching. It has been suggested that perhaps the Catholic Press should just let the words stand as they are.