Safe and Sound

Papal trips do not happen by accident. The great success of Pope Francis’ journey to Cuba and America only succeeded because of a lot of advance planning and intense security. We salute the members of the New York Police Department, the U.S. Secret Service and the Swiss Guard for the attention paid to detail in protecting the Holy Father, while at the same time making him accessible to millions of people in such a short time span.

All About Family

As we look back on the Holy Father’s Apostolic visit to the United States, we can reflect, with some clarity, as to what the pope said and did during his time with us. Some were overjoyed at the pope’s speech to Congress; others felt it was a missed opportunity to speak more explicitly against the evil of abortion and against same-sex marriage. Some were thrilled that he explicitly mentioned his opposition to the death penalty; still others wanted him to be more specific on issues that Catholics in America have to face.

A Pope of Hope

As we go to press, the focus of Pope Francis’ apostolic voyage to America has been on the first leg of the journey – his four day stop in Cuba. Historic and inspirational are just two of the adjectives to describe what we have seen thus far. Don’t underestimate the importance of this trip, not […]

Opportunity to Dialogue

Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. offers us an opportunity to reflect on the key role that not only do our primary and secondary schools serve in the passing on of faith, but also the major impact that the Catholic colleges and universities have in the Christian education and formation of our people.

Following Conscience

The situation in Rowan County, Ky., is a difficult one, to say the least. The law of the land is that same-sex couples can be issued civil marriage licenses. County clerk Kim Davis, a born-again Christian, refused to comply with the civil law by issuing these licenses to same-sex partners, citing that it would cause her to violate her conscience as a Christian. She was sent to jail, a martyr-hero to some and a homophobe bigot to others.

Save Your Marriage

A study was conducted and reported in several media outlets that fighting with one’s spouse can cause one to grow in obesity. If nothing else can prevent married couples from seriously arguing, then perhaps the threat of gaining weight can loom large in minds as a preventative measure.

Unsung Religious Brothers

With the announcement of the Jubilee Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis (which will begin Dec. 8), it’s easy to forget that another specially dedicated year is still going on, namely the Year of Consecrated Life (which began Nov. 29, 2014).

Late Show Preview

GQ, in its Aug. 17, edition, published an interview by Joel Lovell with comedian Stephen Colbert, the new host of The Late Show on CBS. Surprisingly, this article was more than simply publicity for Colbert’s new series, but a good insight into someone in the entertainment field who is a person of faith. A practicing Catholic, Colbert goes into depth about his own personal faith.

An Oasis of Mercy

Last April 11, at First Vespers of Divine Mercy Sunday (Second Sunday of Easter), Pope Francis presented the Bull of Indiction of the Jubilee of Mercy, entitled “Misericordiae Vultus” or “The Face of Mercy.”

Human Civility

The comments of Donald Trump to CNN’s Don Lemon concerning journalist Megyn Kelly after the Republican debate, stating: “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes … Blood coming out of her wherever” in any interpretation, be it he said “nose” – as Trump’s staff clarified – or as in most interpretations, her menstruation, demonstrates once again the necessity for civility in public discourse.