Pope Benedict’s Death Is the End of an Era

As the world mourns the passing of Pope Benedict XVI, we see not just the end of the life of a true holy man and brilliant theologian but also the end of an era — his collaboration with Pope Francis. 

This Christmas, Remember Oppressed Catholics

As Christians and Catholics in the diocese prepare to celebrate our Lord’s birth, there are millions of our faithful throughout the world who have a very different Christmas memory and reality. 

Let the Spirit of the Season Thwart Hate

’Tis the season for religious holidays. As Catholics celebrate the advent season, Our Jewish brothers and sisters are preparing to celebrate Hanukkah starting next week amid a rise in antisemitism. 

Honor Mother Mary on Immaculate Conception

As Catholics, there is no single individual to whom we give more honor than the Blessed Virgin Mary. Since the early Church, the clear teaching in our doctrine is that, from the moment of her conception in the womb of Saint Ann, her mother, Mary was freed from the stain of Original Sin, so that she could be the spotless, sinless vessel to carry the Son of God made flesh, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Mary herself is the Immaculate Conception. 

A Different Look for Thanksgiving This Year

When the word “Thanksgiving” is uttered, what is the thought that most quickly comes to mind? Is it putting aside the demands and pressures of daily life to gather once again with loved ones around a feast, to remember how blessed we have been in the last year, and pray for more such blessings in the years to come? 

Fight the Inflation Grinch: Donate to Bright Christmas

One of the things we are blessed to run each year at The Tablet is the Bright Christmas Fund. Autumn’s arrival is our cue to get to work and start planning. Time flies, and now this week marks the launch of the 2022 campaign. 

Praise for Veterans And Military Chaplains

As the nation comes together on Nov. 11 to honor all those who served in the armed services on Veterans Day, we would like to draw attention to the role of military chaplains. 

Remembering Emmett Till and His Legacy

“Thank God we’re not where we were, but praise the Lord we ain’t where we’re supposed to be.” Those words were spoken recently by Deacon Arthur Miller, a Catholic clergyman who was discussing the brutal 1955 lynching-murder in Mississippi of Emmett Till, who had been a neighbor of his in 1950s Chicago.