Tiedeman-official-2sm Diocesan News

Brooklyn Diocese Welcomes New Auxiliary Bishop

The Diocese of Brooklyn announced the news of the appointment of Bishop Neil Tiedemann, C.P., by the Holy Father, Pope Francis, as an auxiliary bishop of Brooklyn. Bishop Tiedemann returns to his native diocese after serving as bishop of the Diocese of Mandeville, Jamaica Read More

National News

Solution for Conscience Clause?

The religious nonprofits challenging their participation in the contraceptive mandate under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) agreed with a U.S. Supreme Court proposal that such coverage be provided through an alternative health care plan without involving the religious employers in a legal brief filed with the court. Read More

Pope-Hears-Confession_SMALL International News

US Teens Grow Faith in Rome

Sharing and celebrating the joy of faith with thousands of Catholic teenagers from around the globe was a rare moment that not many people are able to experience, a U.S. teen said during an April 23 youth rally at Rome’s Olympic Stadium. Read More