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Youth Views: Who’s your favorite superhero?

Rebecca Nayar, senior
St. John’s Prep H.S.
My mom. She’s the best single parent that I’ve ever known. She’s raised me all on her own and made sure that I’m happy and safe. For that and so much more is why she’s a superhero.


Christopher Lampropoulos
St. John’s Prep H.S.
Batman because he taught young kids that anyone could be a superhero even without super powers.
Matthew Fitzpatrick, sophomore
St. John’s Prep H.S.
Hawkeye because he’s very low-key and doesn’t need to be the center of attention.
Francesca Alaimo, freshman
St. John’s Prep H.S.
Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero because she represents strength as an individual.
Michael Pierro, freshman
St. John’s Prep H.S.
Spiderman because he’s not only a hero, but he’s also a friend and he lives in Queens.

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