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Youth Views: Which one: All the money in the world or happiness?

Gustav Hein, senior
Msgr. McClancy H.S

I would definitely choose all the happiness in the world. I won’t lie, I have money saved up, but the enjoyment is not as great as using the money to get something for someone else. The chance to make others happy is far more satisfying in the long run.


Gabriel Maciejaszek, junior
Msgr. McClancy H.S.

I would choose happiness. It may sound cliché, but happiness perseveres in any society or environment. Whereas money is an artificial way of maintaining fake pleasure. Being genuinely happy, regardless of circumstances is what is important to me.

Robert Corridan, sophomore
Msgr. McClancy H.S.

No matter how much money someone acquires, they’re never satisfied or feel a sense of fulfillment. Although a certain amount of money is needed to live comfortably, we all need love and a sense of purpose and belonging to be happy.

Bryan Davila, freshman
Msgr. McClancy H.S.

For me, I would choose happiness because the truth is that money is not the only thing you need in life. If you live a happy life, you can be a lot more well-off than someone who is rich, especially if you enjoy what you do and how you do it.

Ava Pullara, freshman
Msgr. McClancy H.S.

I would honestly choose happiness. Money does not define happiness. Although it would be nice to be rich with money, I would rather be rich at heart. Live life to the fullest and enjoy every day, with or without money.