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Youth Views: What was your experience at the 2014 March for Life?

Andy Munoz, 16
SS. Peter and Paul parish, Williamsburg

I am thankful I was able to go to the march. I was not going at first, but for some reason, God had a plan for me and continued to place my sisters to annoy and beg me to go. I realized I was missing out on something that was destroying people. I hope that my friends can go to the march next year.


Jarisa Santiago, 23
SS. Peter and Paul parish, Williamsburg

Joining the March for Life was very rewarding. It allowed me to understand the true meaning of life and the importance to value life. It led me to see that God has a plan for each one of us starting at conception. From hearing testimonies from women who had abortions, I was able to see that abortion marks people’s lives forever. I hope that next year more youth can join us to march against the injustice of abortion and the negative impact it has on society.


Karisa Munoz, 11
SS. Peter and Paul parish, Williamsburg

My experience was sad and a great suffering. It was sad to learn about the real truth of abortion. I knew it was going to snow and be cold, but I noticed that I didn’t come for me. I came for the babies that suffer and didn’t have a chance at life. I pray for the babies and all the women that have suffered from this pain. I pray that workers in abortion clinics come to see the truth of what they are doing.