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Youth Views: What was a sacrifice that you’ve made that was worth it?

yv-mmMarissa Moran, junior
St. Edmund Prep

A sacrifice that I have made that is worth it is participating in the Hunger Awareness Challenge because it is helping the less fortunate. I try to live in their shoes for one day during each school cycle and donate money for a greater good.



yv-avAlexander Velez, sophomore
Archbishop Molloy

I gave up my Sunday mornings to be an altar server at my parish (Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament). It was worth it because it got me closer with God and I learned more about the Church.




yv-bcBrianna Cacho, sophomore
St. Edmund Prep

I would say the sacrifice I had to make was getting adjusted to new schools. I used to move a lot when I was younger.




yv-tfThomas Finnelli, senior
St. Edmund Prep

The hardest sacrifice I have made was choosing to take more challenging classes. Although I didn’t take the “easy way,” I feel that my choice to challenge myself has helped me improve as a student and as a person.