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Youth Views: What is an experience you are thankful for?

sl2Sabrina Lall, senior
St. Francis Prep

I am grateful for my time volunteering at a local elementary school. I met many children that gave me insight on how greatly my presence affected them and how happy I made them.





Logan Blascovich, junior
St. John’s Prep

An experience that I will never be able to forget is going to Australia. For two weeks, I was able to observe a culture on the other side of the world. I give thanks to my parents for making sacrifices to let me go.





Paul Pleho, freshman
St. John’s Prep

One experience in my life that I am grateful for is being able to serve at the holy Mass with the priest. I feel very close to God while I am serving, and I feel that He wants me to serve him.





Alexa Leotta, senior
St. Francis Prep

This year, I am grateful for my brother coming home from the Navy. He travels overseas and is gone for almost a year sometimes. He returned when his daughter, my niece, was born. I am grateful he returned home safe and healthy.