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Youth Views: What is a sacrifice that you’ve made?

yv-asAriana Segura, freshman
Christ the King H.S.

In Peru, I sacrificed my food for the homeless and donated clothes and toys for children.




yv-atAbie Tanusantoso, sophomore
Christ the King H.S.

I had sacrificed much of my free time rebuilding my friendship with an old classmate.




yv-krKimberly Rodriguez, senior
Christ the King H.S.

To sacrifice my time during the summer to volunteer at an all-girls empowerment program.




yv-anthonycAnthony Caccamo, sophomore
St. Edmund Prep

A sacrifice I made was choosing to stay home and play for my high school sports team instead of going on vacation.




yv-mtMatthew Torre, sophomore
Christ the King H.S.

I’ve given up things like money and my free time to help others. I’m a strong believer in helping those in need, like giving food to the hungry or money to the poor. Sacrifices like these are well-worth it because we have so much to be grateful for that we don’t even realize and it is our duty to share these things with others.