Our Youth

Youth Views: What is a decision you made that you are proud of?



Joshua Liriano,
Cristo Rey Brooklyn

One of my greatest decisions is joining the school baseball team. This showed me hard work and discipline; it also improved my school grades.




Briana Laurenceau, freshman
Cristo Rey Brooklyn

One of my greatest decisions was participating in the dorming program, Boys Hope Girls Hope. Living away from home has given me a chance to become independent and responsible when it comes to managing my life.







Matthew Ariello, senior
Msgr. McClancy M.H.S.

A decision I made that I am very proud of is volunteering my time to help others in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. By gathering and delivering supplies to those who need them most, I felt accomplished and proud of my good deed.



Bryana Stephens,
freshman Cristo Rey Brooklyn

The greatest decision I ever made was volunteering my time to take care of kids, 3-5. It made me realize I want to be a pediatrician and take care of kids.



Joe Mifsud, senior
Msgr. McClancy M.H.S.

Choosing McClancy as my high school was among the most important choices I’ve made. It allowed me to find out who I really am. It also exposed me to a lot of memorable experiences with great people.



Kimberly Delgado, junior
Cristo Rey Brooklyn

One of the biggest decisions I’ve made was coming to Cristo Rey Brooklyn because now I have more experience than the average teenager. I’ve been in the business world and actually have hands-on experience. It’s also taught me about life. I’m grateful for this opportunity.