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Youth Views: What Food Brings Back Good Memories For You?

Saviour_I_CarrascoIsabela Carrasco, sophomore
St. Saviour H.S.

Salt water taffy reminds me of the beautiful summers I would spend with my mum, sister, grandma and great-grand uncle in Rockport, Ma., when we would all get along and get to relax.



Molloy_C_HoranChristian Horan, junior
Archbishop Molloy H.S.

My mom always made vanilla cake with vanilla frosting for my birthdays, and still does. Birthdays bring back really good memories.



Saviour_T_CollinsTeresa Collins, freshman
St. Saviour H.S.

Dumplings are a food that bring back the memories of a friend who would make them with us before she moved away.



Molloy_M_A_BacaniMary Angeline Bacani
Archbishop Molloy H.S.

Ice cream reminds of the days when I was young and my family would slow down from our fast-paced life. All of us would actually walk to the ice cream shop, and sit together and just talk to one another in a carefree way.

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