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Youth Views: What Food Brings Back Good Memories For You?

yv-cc-mlMelissa Lent, Junior
Christ the King R.H.S.
Jasmine rice always brings back good memories of family dinners. Any Chinese dish reminds me of my dad cooking for us and the conversations we had over dinner.





yv-cc-kgKarol Gajewski, Junior
Christ the King R.H.S.
Pierogi because when I would be in Poland, my grandma would make hundreds whenever we had guests. So when I think of pierogi, I think of sharing them with family and friends in Poland.





yv-cc-amAlysa Mendoza, Senior
Christ the King R.H.S.
Cupcakes. I bake them with my cousins almost every weekend. It’s our hobby; we love doing it.






yv-cc-moMerecia O’Malley, Freshman
Christ the King R.H.S.
Pizza brings me a lot of memories with my family. It is a food that pretty much everyone eats, so we would all eat it together.





yv-cc-fcFrank Cesare, Sophomore
Christ the King R.H.S.
Ever since I was young, I loved pasta. I always watched my mother cook it with sauce and meatballs. Every time I ate it, it brought a smile to my face.