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Youth Views: What does your commute look like when you are in school?

Sebastian Tuszakowski, senior Christ the King R.H.S. Sebastian Tuszakowski, senior
Christ the King R.H.S.

Coming back or going to school is always about a 20-minute walk. In the winter it can get a little adventurous because nothing is shoveled and the whole sidewalk is ice. It’s like I’m ice skating to school.



Rayan Ramirez, junior St. Edmund Prep Rayan Ramirez, junior
St. Edmund Prep

My mother usually drives me to school. I use it as a time to recollect and organize.



Arielle Avril, freshman Christ the King R.H.S. Arielle Avril, freshman
Christ the King R.H.S.

During my bus ride, it is usually a time of self reflection and meditation for me. It gives me time to over view my life, and figure out how I should overcome daily struggles.



Camryn Fabrizio, freshman St. Edmund Prep Camryn Fabrizio, freshman
St. Edmund Prep

My morning commute is very easy. My dad drives me to school every morning. It is very relaxing.



tm Tyler Mujko, senior
Christ the King R.H.S.

My commute is very short. I get driven every morning and take the train back. I like to take my time, relax a little and keep quiet

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