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Youth Views: What does the season of Advent mean to you?


Lucia Elyas, sophomore
St. Saviour H.S.

Advent means a new beginning, starting over. To me Christmas is a big deal, and I love the time preparing for it. We, as Catholics, should participate in Advent through more than just buying gifts.






Jessica Verga, sophomore
Bishop Kearney H.S.

Advent means donating to those less fortunate, especially that Christmas is right around the corner. Also, confessing my sins and being forgiven for them.








Madeleine Cooke, sophomore
St. Saviour H.S.

Advent is a time that brings people closer. There is a general atmosphere of joy and kindness that comes in waiting for Christmas.







Johanna Sullivan, sophomore
Bishop Kearney H.S.

To me, Advent means a time of waiting for the birth of Jesus. It also means a time to spend with family and enjoying each others’ presence.