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Youth Views: What does MLK Day Mean to You?

Raynard Raeburn Senior Nazareth R.H.S

“It signifies a day that shows anything is possible. MLK had so many odds against him but he still fought through the numerous amounts of troubles and in the end, achieved the one thing he wanted, especially as a black man.”

Jean Lafleur Senior Nazareth R.H.S.

“Martin Luther King Jr. Day means to me a day in which we celebrate one of the most positive and influential men to ever live.”

Amyah Wright Junior Nazareth R.H.S

“MLK Day means to me that we should fight for equality. Everyone should be treated fairly. Martin Luther King Jr. is a very special man who lived for peace and equality. He should be remembered as he changed history.”

Jaharie Waterman Sophomore Nazareth R.H.S

“A day to remember and celebrate a person that made a great change throughout history. He impacted many. It really does mean a big deal to me.”

Michael Iannelli sophomore Nazareth R.H.S

“It means a lot that someone who does important things can get a national holiday because of how he shaped America. It means a lot to me.”