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Youth Views: What do you Owe God?

Kristen Maddalena, senior, St. Agnes Academic H.S

All my love. Over the past years, I have come across a lot of hard challenges I had to face and I owe it all to God for guiding me through the tough times. Without God, I wouldn’t be the confident, intelligent young woman that I am today!


Christine Pierre, junior, St. Agnes Academic H.S.

I owe God the best version of myself because I was put on this earth for a reason and I’m going to use my good qualities to change the world



Juliana Estevez, sophomore, St. Agnes Academic H.S.

I believe I owe God my service to His people. I believe I should strive to act as his hands on Earth and help other individuals. When I see another person struggling, I feel I owe it to God to help that person.



Flora Sengupta, sophomore, St. Agnes Academic H.S

As God has blessed me with everything beyond my expectations, I believe it is my duty to owe God my thankfulness and gratitude. I can deliver this by serving others in this world while spreading God’s declamation.



Gabriella Tamayo, sophomore, St. Agnes Academic H.S.

I owe God a thank you. He does so much for me, but yet I forget to say a simple thank you. While we are in Lent, I’ve been working especially on this, my gratitude towards everything the Lord has done for me.