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Youth Views: What are the toughest decisions for you?

EB-oEric Butkiewicz, senior
Msgr. McClancy M.H.S.

A difficult decision is which college I should attend because this is a decision that will affect my whole life.





Teresa Fenster, freshman
St. John’s Prep

The toughest decision I have to make is to give up spending time with my friends because my grades have to go up.





Pierangelo Licata, senior
St. Francis Prep

The toughest decisions I make are that ones that affect the people around me, my friends being the main concern. I find it extremely difficult to do something knowing it will hurt or affect someone around me.



rmj-oRyann McKinnell-Jaroslawsky, freshman
St. John’s Prep

The most difficult decision that I had to make was dropping some dance classes because I need to have time to study and do homework. I have to say, the decision was beneficial to me.





Shane Adonis, freshman
Cristo Rey Brooklyn

The types of decisions I struggle with the most are usually decisions that affect my work in school. To make the correct decision, I ask myself if the choice I will make will help me achieve my long-term goals.






John Rapone, senior
St. John’s Prep

The toughest decision I have to make is my career choice. Not only do I want to be happy but also successful. You live with your career for most of your life, so it is a crucial decision.