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Youth Views: What are the most pressing challenges in high school?

Tatsuya Rivera, senior
Bishop Loughlin M.H.S.

It’s so hard to fit in, especially if you’re different. If you are slightly eccentric or vocal, people tend to oppress you, but you have to be loud when your voice gets stifled. That’s the hardest to deal with.


Cheyenne Edwards, senior
Bishop Loughlin M.H.S.

Growing pains in addition to dealing with identity issues such as racism, homophobia, sexism, etc.


Amoz Hunter, senior
Bishop Loughlin M.H.S.

Social media, safety and curriculum.

Michael Perez, junior
Bishop Loughlin M.H.S.

The challenge that is the most pressing in the high school setting is peer pressure. When you are peer pressured, you can possibly make wrong decisions.

Donovan Cumberbatch, freshman
Bishop Loughlin M.H.S.
Finding your own crowd as well as bullying. There are bullies everywhere and they need to be stopped!