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Youth Views: Reflect upon the sacrament of marriage

Sarah HigginsSarah Higgins, senior
St. Agnes A.H.S.
Marriage is very important to society because it teaches the strength and importance of love and commitment. The bond that marriage produces between a couple reflects their love and utter devotion to each other. This is important for people to see because many today are afraid of commitment. Commitment is really just a very strong and deep love.


Kayla SanchezKayla Sanchez, sophomore
St. Agnes A.H.S.
I believe that marriage is important because marriage binds two people together. It is sacred. I find it rather upsetting that some families do not believe in marriage.



Katherine MooreKatherine Moore, junior
St. Agnes A.H.S.
Marriage is important to the Catholic Church because the Church needs lay people in the community to share their love of God with another person and to have children. Marriage is a good way for two people in love to completely devote themselves to each other. It is a way of assuring a spouse that no mater what you wil be there for them and you will support them.

Kendall JosephKendall Joseph, sophomore

St. Agnes A.H.S.
Marriage is a calling for some people, but it is not for everyone. For people to make fun of someone who does not feel called to be married is wrong.



Vivian MurdockVivian Murdock, sophomore
St. Agnes A.H.S.
Marriage is important to society because it can better a person generally. Having someone that you truly love and someone who truly loves you can make you a happier person. The experience can allow you to develop a different look on life. You can share the happiness that you have obtained from the sacrament of marriage with others.