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Youth Views: Reflect Upon Catholic Meditation

Thomas_LeuthnerThomas Leuthner, freshman
Holy Cross H.S.

I think that some Catholic people feel that since God loves them, He should answer them right away. This is not true. As an athlete, I like to clear my mind and pray before a game not only for me to do well, but for everyone I love and for everybody play- ing the game with me.


Paul_JeanbartPaul Jeanbart, junior
Xaverian H.S.

Catholic meditation can be achieved through countless ways. It allows us to reflect on life and our own actions. Everyone is different and everyone has their own way of achieving mediation.


Justin_HaugbroJustin Haugbro, senior
Holy Cross H.S.

The sound of nature can help bring people closer to God. Listening to the sound of the ocean, wind or birds, helps me clear my mind in such a way that I can connect with God. Observing nature helps me think about what is actually important in life and forget about what society thinks is important. The disconnect between society’s standards and personal standards is what helps bring me closer to God.


Dylan_Ditucci-CappielloDylan Ditucci-Cappiello, senior
Xaverian H.S.

Through meditation one can clear one’s mind in order to view situations with an objective mindset. This allows for moving through life with little remorse and a sense of affirmation in actions.


Jorge_GuzmanJorge Guzman, senior
Holy Cross H.S.

Meditation is something I use often because it helps clear my mind before a game or an important test. It also helps me get closer to G0d because, once my mind is clear, I feel as if I am ready to let God in. Meditation helps me as a person and it helps me improve my faith.


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