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Youth Views June 8

Reflect upon the following:

A truly gentle and humble soul

Already here on earth the air of paradise breathes,

And in the fragrance of her humble heart

The Creator Himself delights.

— St. Faustina Kowalska,

Divine Mercy in My Soul


jz2Judie Zhang, junior The Mary Louis Academy

Those who are humble are rich with God’s love. Humility is one of the greatest powers of all. It is the secret to having a truly fulfilling and complete life.



dmDominik Makocki, sophomore Christ the King R.H.S.

You must surrender yourself entirely to the Creator in order to experience His paradise.



cm3Christie Marino, junior The Mary Louis Academy

Jesus teaches us to live in humility. This means we must love, give and help everyone in our communities. We are not the center of everything, and everything does not revolve around us. We must help people in need and spread love just as Jesus did.



caChristina Alvarez, freshman The Mary Louis Academy

Truly humble souls do not depend upon material goods. They open themselves up to everyone and do good deeds. They accept the invitation of faith and live out a life of helping others.



ag2Amanda Gillespie, junior The Mary Louis Academy

Humility to me is being able to shine in God’s grace but letting others shine as well. We are all connected by God’s love, and sharing that love makes us humble. God’s sees us and knows us; we don’t need to claw for His attention.