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Youth Views: Is setting a New Year’s resolution a good idea?

Sabiya Blackman
Nazareth R.H.S.

Ultimately, yes, it is good to set a New Year’s resolution, but people usually never stick to their resolutions. I still don’t understand why people wait until Jan. 1st to set goals for themselves.


Courtney Bentham
Nazareth R.H.S.

New Year’s resolutions matter because they are all about setting goals and acting on them.


Crystal Buckner
Nazareth R.H.S
Yes, setting New Year’s resolutions is a good idea because it gives people something to look forward to in the new year.


Dorien Williams
Nazareth R.H.S
It can be a good idea, although if you wanted to make changes, you would do it at that moment and not wait until the new year.