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Youth Views: Is It Important to Come off as Honest and Sincere?

molloy-wenzlerAndrew Wenzler, sophomore
Archbishop Molloy H.S.

I feel that it is important to just be yourself and don’t let anyone change you. If you stay true to friends and family, they will see you are a genuine person and would respect you for that.



saviour-imaniImani Ragguette, senior
St. Saviour H.S.

It is important to be an honest and sincere person because then your heart will be pure and clean. I try to be an honest, sincere person by always telling the truth and always trying to help others.



molloy-raboldChristina Rabold, freshman
Archbishop Molloy H.S.

Showing people you are genuine and sincere means being forgiving and open to everyone. You don’t judge or tell everyone what they told you. Being sincere is important too because everyone wants to be able to talk to someone.


saviour-osullivanMargaret O’Sullivan, senior
St. Saviour H.S.

Being honest is one way to come across to others as being a sincere person. I firmly believe being an honest, sincere person will get you far in life; no one can trust fake people. A way to be sincere is to be straight-forward and honest with opinions.


molloy-meyersColin Meyers, freshman
Archbishop Molloy H.S.

It is important to be sincere. I think the best way to do it is to be honest all the time. When you are honest, sometimes the truth may hurt, but the good things are that much more meaningful.

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