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Youth Views: Is it hard to practice humility?

Theodoulos Mikellides, senior
St. John’s Preparatory H.S.

No. I practice humility by not flaunting my grades or achievements on social media or around the halls.


Luka Agniel, senior
St. John’s Preparatory H.S.

I try to be as humble as I can in my everyday life, but it is definitely hard to be humble sometimes.

Tyler Helbig, freshman
St. John’s Preparatory H.S.

Yes, because although it is a simple concept, it requires you to listen to others as opposed to only being interested in yourself, which can be difficult at times.
Liam Walsh, freshman
St. John’s Preparatory H.S.
Yes it is hard to practice humility. People usually enjoy bragging and sharing success with others. How you can achieve humility is by being able to find happiness in achieving your own goals but not making others feel bad for not achieving their own.
Kaija Rasmussen, freshman
St. John’s Preparatory H.S.
It is very difficult to practice humility because we are constantly faced with challenges. We can be humble by changing the way we react to these situations. Respect ourselves and others without bragging.