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Youth Views: How was your time at Camp Veritas?

Sarai Torres, Sophomore
St. Sebastian Church

Camp Veritas has given me the opportunity to find the true meaning of being Catholic! I met new people and learned more about my faith and how it effects me and everyone around me.

Henry Gil, Freshman
St. Sebastian Church
It’s unlike anything I have ever experienced. Usually on retreat, I just try to listen, but here it’s different because the activities are really fun. I haven’t realized the full impact, but I’m finding healing here.

Devin Powaday, Junior
St. Sebastian Church
Mass here is different because I’m more involved and I’m even singing here! It’s fun, the people are fun and camp is great! My relationship with Jesus has grown a lot.

Ashley Ambrosi, Sophomore
St. Sebastian Church
I’m surprised I’m not bored here without my phone. There’s so much to do! I love the lake, it’s so relaxing. Adoration is great because you see so many kids my age. Camp Veritas is fun, just come and I’ll come with you!

Melanie Parra, Sophomore
St. Sebastian Church
Before camp, I didn’t know what adoration was. It’s really pretty and it’s so good to spend time with Jesus! I didn’t take my relationship with God seriously, but now I do! I am proud to be Catholic!