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Youth Views: How was the March for Life in Washington D.C.?

Ashley Vargas
Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Woodside

Being able to have an opportunity to go the March for Life, was a wonderful experience. I have been able to meet new people and be closer to God. I was reminded how life is important and a beautiful way to be followers of God about God’s teachings. I marched for the unborn, mothers and the survivors to end abortion. I loved every moment: being there for the Mass, Holy Hour and the March. I would definitely go again next year.
Shirley Alejo
Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Woodside

I march to give future babies a chance to live, for them to experience their first breath in this world. I live in a place where now people don’t hesitate to go get abortions without giving their babies a chance to live and not thinking how their baby will feel. I’ve been at the March two times; those two times I learned a lot, and the moment that you’re there is breathtaking. It’s wonderful to see so many people come in spite of our differences just to support one cause to end abortions. One third of my generation is gone just because of abortion, which is worrying and not okay. I just recently found out that now you get kill a baby after they are born, and that is just cruel but that’s especially murder. Babies don’t have voices to speak up or to tell their mom why they shouldn’t abort them, so that’s why we march: to speak for them.
Mariama Catalan
Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Woodside

My experience in March for life this year was great I was really happy to be able to go and it feels great being a voice for the ones who can’t defend themselves. The friendships I made this year were also nice, because we all got to be one voice.
Patrick Maza
Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Woodside

This year’s March was one to remember. The energy was surreal: it showed that we can make change. Even though there is controversy around our president’s name, he still showed that he is a good president by being pro life. Over the March I was tired and lightheaded, but I didn’t use that as an excuse to stop praying for all of those who are unborn, aborted, or euthanized. We must make abortions unthinkable and we are the generation that can make that happen.