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Youth Views: How do you spend your money?


Pierangelo Licata, senior St. Francis Prep

Pierangelo Licata,
senior St. Francis Prep

I like spending money on things I know I will be using for years to come, like an iPod, a pair of shoes, etc. – not something I’ll get over in a week or two. I’m not saving money because I don’t see the point in saving up when you don’t know why you are.




Danny Lin

Danny Lin,
senior St. Francis Prep

I try to save up as much money as I can. You will never know when something significant might happen, when you actually need money desperately.





Emily Houton

Emily Houton,
senior St. John’s Prep

I spend money on food mostly – Chinese food and pizza are my life source, me and my friends like junk food like that.





Michael Viola

Michael Viola,
freshman St. John’s Prep

I enjoy saving my money to take care of my pets because they are very important to me, and it makes me happy to see them happy. I also donate money to charities for animals.





Yassmine Issa Yassmine Issa,
junior, St. John’s Prep

Most of the money I have goes to a little jar I have. Senior year, I hope to go to London. And to try to show my parents that I have grown up, it would be nice to pay for it with my own money.






Holly Grell

Holly Grell,
freshman St. John’s Prep

I like to spend my money on books because I get to relax and escape to another world.