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Youth Views: Do you seek silence?

yv-x-afAntonio Francrosa, Senior
Xaverian H.S.

I often seek silence in order to think about life and maintain a positive attitude.





yv-hc-joseph-brienzaJoseph Brienza, Sophomore
Holy Cross H.S.

Yes, I seek silence by playing soccer. I focus on the game and take my mind off other things, such as school.




yv-x-tgTim Gangemi, Sophomore
Xaverian H.S.

I find silence when I listen to or play music. Music eradicates all of what other people are saying or feeling.




yv-hc-daDomenic Avallone, Freshman
Holy Cross High School

Yes, I seek silence. With school and stress, things can be chaotic. Sometimes peace is needed; no phones, no TV, just quiet. You know what they say, “Silence is golden.”